Homework 6

The goal of this assignment is to prepare your report. This is the report that you will present to the class and that is worth 1/3 of your grade.

The goal of your paper is to present what you have found out about e-voting systems. Its contents are to be as follows:

  1. Introduction. Give a quick overview of the paper. Be sure to describe requirements for an election here.
  2. Problems with elections. This should describe problems not involving electronic voting systems and that electronic voting systems would have preventd or made less serious.
  3. Short history of electronic voting systems. This should talk about the history, briefly.
  4. What is an electronic voting system? Describe one vendor’ system, its components, and how they fit together.
  5. State and federal standards. Describe the purpose of the federal VVSG and how one or two states have added to them, or used different requirements.
  6. The controversy. Present your examples of what people are criticizing about the standards, and say whether you think the criticism is well expressed and on topic, or does not point out problems with the standards, voting systems, procedures, or policies.
  7. Conclusions. What do you think about electronic voting systems, their future, and in what form if any they will continue to be used? How do you think the laws will change to reflect the controversy—or will they?
  8. References

To turn in: Please turn in a draft 5 page paper (double-spaced) by the next class session. Please pay attention to your writing, spelling, and grammar, and be sure to put your name and a title on it. Cite your references, and use quotes where necessary to support your statements.

You are free to use material from earlier homework assignments—in fact, I expect you to.

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