Programming in Health Informatics

MHI 289I (Health Informatics)
Winter 2018

Instructor: Matt Bishop
Time: MW 3:10pm–4:00pm
Location: Education Building (Sacramento), room 3205
Credits: 3
CRN: 75286

Course overview:

This course covers the basics of computer programming in general and the Python programming language in particular. Students will learn how to write an algorithm to solve a problem, and then how to use basic Python to implement that algorithm.

The course covers variables, expressions, statements, iteration, functions, data structures, input and output, and exception handling. It also covers the use of modules and libraries, using Python to access databases, and other special topics.

The course exercises are tailored for health informatics students.

Matt Bishop
Department of Computer Science
University of California at Davis
Davis, CA 95616-8562 USA
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Winter Quarter 2018
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