Change to Homework 2 Problem 2

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Posted by: Matt Bishop
Date: Oct 21 at 12:10pm


I made a slight modification to question 2 of homework 2. It no longer requires that the function isabcde(s) be recursive, because we won't have covered it before the homework is due.

I have posted revisions to Canvas and the alternate web site on

Hope this helps, and stay safe,
Matt Bishop

Office Hours

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Posted by: Matt Bishop
Date: Oct 8 at 12:38pm


I've now set my (virtual) office hours. They are Wednesday and Fridays at 11:00-11:50am Pacific time.

Please use the same Zoom link as for class (see the previous announcement).

I am also available at other times; I just won't be on that Zoom link. Please email me in order to set up a time to meet, or contact me over Skype (my Skype name is on the Canvas version of this announcement). I will leave Skype active when I am not in a meeting. (This is like dropping by my office before the pandemic.)

Hope this helps and stay safe,
Matt Bishop

Zoom link for class

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Posted by: Matt Bishop
Date: Oct 1 at 11:31am

This gives the Zoom link for the class. It is on Canvas to hinder attempts at Zoom bombing.

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Matt Bishop
Office: 2209 Watershed Sciences
Phone: +1 (530) 752-8060
MHI 289I, Programming in Health Informatics

You can also obtain a PDF version of this.

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