Quiz #4 for October 13, 2020

Please use your Python system (IDLE or something else) to compute the following. Be prepared to show your work!

  1. Write a program that reads two integers, and then prints a message saying whether the first is less than, equal to, or greater than the second.


        # read in the numbers
        val1 = int(input("First number> "))
        val2 = int(input("Second number> "))
        # oops – something went wrong
        print("Both numbers must be integers")
        # got the numbers; now compare
        if val1 < val2:
            print(val1, "is less than", val2)
        elif val1 > val2:
            print(val1, "is greater than", val2)
            print(val1, "and", val2, "are equal")

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