Outline for October 27, 2021

Reading: §7
Due: Homework 3, due November 8, 2021

  1. Handling exceptions
    1. except [except0.py]
    2. except exceptcode [except1.py]
    3. else [except2.py]
    4. except exceptcode as msgvar [except3.py]
    5. finally [except4.py]
    6. Exceptions in a function: who handles them? [except5.py, except6.py]
    7. Using global variables as error flags [except7.py]
    8. raise exceptcode message [except8.py]

  2. Writing a program to play rock-paper-scissors: top-down design
    1. Problem statement and general algorithm idea
    2. Data representation and program structure [rps-1.py]
    3. Figure out who wins [rps-2.py]
    4. Get computer choice [rps-3.py]
    5. Get user input [rps-4.py]
    6. Make it user-friendly [rps-5.py]

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