The Cyber Security Club at UC Davis


The purpose of this organization is to provide an environment for UC Davis students (both undergraduate and graduate!) interested in cyber security to foster their technical skills, meet industry professionals, and interact with faculty and staff in cyber security and related fields. Our weekly meetings for Winter Quarter 2018 are on Fridays from 3:10-4:00pm in Kemper 1131. Currently, these meetings are workshops on security/pen testing techniques and guest speaker events where the security experts/professionals explain how they got into security/their career path and about some of the more specialized areas of their job. We also plan to compete in security competitions like iCTF starting in winter quarter. If you're interested in our club or just want to learn more, please send us an email at and/or connect with us on Facebook (Cyber Security Club at UC Davis). You can also reach out to our presidents, Shannon Chee ( and Jake Stebbins ( We look forward to meeting you!

Who is this club for?

Anyone who is interested in or wants to learn about information technology/security! You don't need any experience ~ a lot of us are beginners too!


Professor Matt Bishop


Shannon Chee  -- Co-President
Jacob Stebbins  -- Co-President
Nikka Yalung  -- Treasurer
Domnall Hegarty  -- Workshop Coordinator
Tiffany Yuen  -- Publications Coordinator

Active Members

List of Active Members