The State of INFOSEC Education in Academia: Present and Future Directions



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We are in the midst of a crisis in the deployment and use of computers, and it is getting worse every day. Our systems are not secure. They are considerably less secure than the paper systems we still use, and that are rapidly being replaced. Worse, we are not taking steps to shore up the infrastructure or systems, and we are neglecting the education necessary to base such improvements upon. Unless we devote the resources necessary to improve computer and network systems, and to educate computer scientists, operators, and users in INFOSEC, the edifice we have so painstakingly constructed will collapse, precipitating a crisis of confidence, trust, and reliance. The threat to our security as a nation is considerable; the threat to our individual privacy and identity even greater.

In this talk, I will explore the role of INFOSEC education in this crisis. I will discuss why we should care, where we are now, where we should be heading, and offer concrete suggestions about how to get there.

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This is not copyrighted. The definitive version was published in the Proceedings of the National Colloquium on Information System Security Education, Apr. 1997.