The Dynamics of Counting and Recounting Votes


A. Yasinsac and M. Bishop, “The Dynamics of Counting and Recounting Votes,” IEEE Security and Privacy 6(3) pp. 22–29 (May 2008).



This article presents some issues with both paper and electronic ballots and focuses on scientific and engineering processes to improve voting precision, safety, and efficiency. Intuition suggests that computer-based electronic systems offer tremendous potential to provide vital accuracy and accessibility properties, though not without challenges. Similarly, paper-based systems have natural properties that can deter or prevent some types of integrity and security vulnerability inherent to electronic systems, but these too are not without problems. After discussing the strengths and weaknesses of electronic and paper ballots with respect to initial counts, we discuss auditing approaches to corroborate the initial reported results and propose protocols and procedures to strengthen the auditing mechanisms.

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DOI: 10.1109/MSP.2008.75