Secure Coding Education: Are We Making Progress?


K. Nance, B. Hay, and M. Bishop, “Secure Coding Education: Are We Making Progress?,” Proceedings of the 16th Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education pp. 83–88 (June 2012).



While the necessity of ensuring that secure coding practices are universally taught and adopted is becoming increasingly apparent, there is still debate over whether we are making significant progress in this area. This paper recalls the accomplishments of the first Secure Coding Workshop in 2008 and discusses some of the outcomes, challenges, and findings from that workshop. It then discusses the 2011 Summit on Secure Education, which explored some of the issues raised at the Secure Coding Workshop. It also discusses some of the follow-on activities that the workshop helped to inspire or promote, and some remaining objectives that are still presenting challenges in the ongoing pursuit of secure coding.

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