GENI and Security

List of slides

Slide 1: GENI and Security
Slide 2: Introduction and Charge
Slide 3: GENI Architecture
Slide 4: What It Means
Slide 5: Threats to GENI
Slide 6: Build Security In From the Start
Slide 7: Experiments (Discussed)
Slide 8: Instrumentation (Discussed)
Slide 9: GENI Security (Discussed)
Slide 10: Experiment Ideas and Issues
Slide 11: More Experiments
Slide 12: Instrumentation Ideas and Issues
Slide 13: More Instrumentation
Slide 14: GENI Management Support
Slide 15: More GENI Management Support
Slide 16: Other Security Ideas and Issues
Slide 17: See you in the breakout session!