Resilience and Security

Abstract. Resilience is a topic often discussed in terms of availability and performance. Here, we examine resilience as it relates to security. We first explore what "resilience" means, and look at how it can be applied to integrity and confidentiality. We then examine properties of metrics for resiliency. Throughout, our emphasis is upon resilience being a holistic property not just of the system, but also of the goals of the system.

Author: Matt Bishop
Given at: 12th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security
Date: March 3, 2017

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Slide 1: Resilience and Security
Slide 2: Theme of the Talk
Slide 3: Resilience: Informal Definition
Slide 4: Definitions
Slide 5: Definitions
Slide 6: Definitions
Slide 7: Nuances
Slide 8: Example: Network Router
Slide 9: Two Common Aspects
Slide 10: Dimensions of Resilience
Slide 11: Availability Resilience
Slide 12: Integrity Resilience
Slide 13: Key Ideas
Slide 14: State of the Art
Slide 15: Origin Integrity Resilience
Slide 16: Assurance and Resilience
Slide 17: Integrity Challenges
Slide 18: Confidentiality Resilience
Slide 19: Beginnings
Slide 20: Hiding Information
Slide 21: Context is Critical!
Slide 22: Uncertainty’s Effectiveness
Slide 23: False Attribution
Slide 24: Changing Semantics
Slide 25: Defeat Use
Slide 26: Composition Problem
Slide 27: Confidentiality Challenge
Slide 28: Metric Challenge
Slide 29: Resilience of What?
Slide 30: Resilience of Information
Slide 31: Resilience of Entities
Slide 32: Metrics for Resilience
Slide 33: R4 Framework
Slide 34: System Aspects
Slide 35: Vector Measurements
Slide 36: Example
Slide 37: Perturbations
Slide 38: Don’t Assume Randomness
Slide 39: Example
Slide 40: What Is Your System?
Slide 41: Delta Air Lines Failure
Slide 42: Implication #1
Slide 43: Implication #2
Slide 44: It’s Not Just Outputs
Slide 45: To Sum Up
Slide 46: Closing Thought: Clear Overall Goals
Slide 47: Thanks To \uc1\u8230\'c9
Slide 48: Any Questions?