Introduction to Computer Security

Addison-Wesley published this book on November 5, 2004. They have a very nice web page.

Here are Web pages for various web-based bookstores. I don't know who is selling the book for the lowest price, nor do I know which is best to shop at, so look around!


As the book goes through successive printings, I'm keeping a list of errors in each printing. The errata for each printing is fixed in successive printings. Here are the lists:

  1. Errata page for first printing
  2. Errata page for second printing (these are also errors in the first printing)

If you want to report an error, please send email to me at user name bishop and host name (this is not in the usual format because I've been getting too much email from spammers lately ...).

Publication Information

ISBN 0-321-24744-2; Publisher Addison Wesley Professional; Copyright 2005; Format Cloth; 784 pp.; Library of Congress Number QA76.9.A25 B563 2004.

Supplemental Material

Table of Contents, Preface, and Sample Chapters

Good Reviews

Here are some reviews that I liked. (Did you really think I'd have pointers to ones I didn't like? If you want to find them, try a web search.)

"A horrible little boy came up to me and said, 'You know in your book The Martian Chronicles?' I said, 'Yes?' He said, 'You know where you talk about Deimos rising in the east?' I said, 'Yes?' He said, 'No.' So I hit him." —attributed to Ray Bradbury

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