Matt Bishop

Picture of me in a suit Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616-8562
United States of America

Office: 2209 Watershed Sciences
Telephone: +1 (530) 752-8060
Fax: +1 (530) 752-4767
Email: bishop at ucdavis dot edu

Office Co-ordinates:
    Latitude: N 38° 32' 5''
    Longitude: W 121° 45' 10''

For graduate admissions, see below

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I am a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California at Davis. I am one of the co-directors of the Computer Security Laboratory here. I do research in computer security. Currently, my interests seem to focus on election processes, data sanitization, and the insider problem. I also like teaching.

Our son Steven married Brianna Benedetto on May 26, 2018. Click here for pictures from the wedding. One of them is me in a suit, which I put up here to amaze and amuse my friends, who probably didn’t realize I even had a suit!

A second edition of my book Computer Security: Art and Science, originally published by Addison-Wesley Professional in December 2002, will be published in 2018. A somewhat different version, Introduction to Computer Security, was published in 2004, again by Addison-Wesley Professional. Check them out and see which you prefer.

Graduate Admissions. Click here for information on being admitted to do graduate work in information assurance or computer security, including a link to the on-line application. Please do not write me asking about your chances of getting in, or if I will admit you. I get too many such letters to answer them, and my answers are the same for everyone: I don’t know, and I do not have the authority to, respectively.