My Family

Great news: on May 28, 2018, Steven and Brianna got married! Click here for pictures.

Here we are! I’m married to Holly (née Olsen). Our children are Heidi, Steven, one who wishes to remain nameless, and Caroline. Heidi has two children (our grandchildren), Skyler and Sage. We also have various pets in our family.

You can click on the pictures to see bigger versions.

My father passed away in 2002. Here is a brief, virtual memorial to him, but he lives on in our memories and in the memories and lives of all whom he touched.

Family Picture Here are Holly and I at Lindos Village in Rhodes, Greece.
Family Picture Three of our four children at an airport.
Family Picture Holly and I with our granddaughter Sage This was right after we had dinner at the Shadowbrook on Thanksgiving Day in 2017.

Here are some pictures of Holly. In the leftmost, she's on a ship at sea. The next picture is of her on a hill overlooking a bay in French Polynesia (Tahiti). The third picture is her on a riverboat on the Sacramento River. The next one shows Holly in her garden, with a very happy Scout trotting over to her. The second from the right was taken at Yosemite National Park. The rightmost shows Holly before the library at Ephesus, which we visited when I was attending the PETRA conference in Samos. Fitting, as she is on the Library Advisory Board for Yolo County.

Picture of Holly at sea Picture of Holly in Tahiti Picture of Holly on a riverboat on the Sacramento River Picture of Holly in her garden Picture of Holly at Yosemite National Park Holly at Ephesus Picture

Here are some pictures of Heidi. She’s a wedding planner, and the first picture shows her setting up a wedding. She’s enjoying the outdoors at Guerneville in the second. The third one is her in the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy. The next one is of her sitting on the Iron Throne in Dubrovnik (it’s a reference to Game of Thrones). The last was taken at the Sacramento Zoo is in the giraffe area (Sage later fed a giraffe — they have long tongues).

Picture of Heidi setting up a wedding Heidi outdoors at Guerneville Picture of Heidi in the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy Heidi sitting on the Iron Throne Picture of Heidi, Skyler, and Sage at the Sacramento Zoo

Here are some pictures of Steven. The first one is with his then-fiancée Brianna, taken at Easter; they subsequently married (see the top of this page for the link). The second one shows him clowning with Skyler and Sage, and the third with Skyler. In the fourth, Steven is holding one of our chickens.

Steven's Picture Picture of Steven, Skyler, and Sage Picture of Steven and Skyler Picture of Steven holding one of our chickens

My third child asked me not to post any pictures in which he was the focus.

Here are some pictures of Caroline. The first picture is Caroline, right after she received her Master of Arts in Art History from Stony Brook University — we’re so proud of her! The second is of her at her graduation from Willamette University; she got her Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Archeology. The fourth one is Caroline with her big sister Heidi.

Picture of Caroline's Graduation from Stony Brook University Picture of Caroline's Graduation from Willamette University Picture of Caroline and Dad Picture of Caroline and Holly

Here are some pictures of Skyler. He’s with his mom, Heidi, in the first picture, and his sister Sage at the Sacramento Zoo in the third.

Skyler's Picture Skyler's Picture Picture of Skyler and Sage Picture of Skyler at Disneyland

Here are some pictures of Sage. In the first, she played the part of a bridesmaid for a photo shoot for Heidi’s business. The beach in the second picture is in Santa Cruz. The third is with grandpa (me) at Thanksgiving dinner, and in the fourth, she is with Mommy (Heidi).

Sage's Picture Sage's Picture Sage's Picture Sage's Picture

Here are some pictures of our pets, past and present. The first two pictures are of our cat, named Mouse; the first is her as a kitten and the second is her grown up, sleeping on the bed sleeping on the bed. The third is her checking out the camera. The last picture is of one of our chickens checking out the yard.

Picture of Mouse Picture of Mouse sleeping on the bed Picture of Mouse checking out a camera Picture of  Chickens

One of our cats, Fur, died on December 4, 2011. Here is a brief memorial for him. Puff, another of our cats, died on July 13, 2015. Here is a brief memorial for her. Our beloved dog, Scout, also passed away. They are missed by everyone—including their friends, the other pets.

Well, that’s us! Thanks for visiting.