Leonard Bishop, 1922-2002


This page is in memory of my father, Leonard Bishop.

Picture of Dad pointing

Here is a picture of Dad. I think he was telling me not to point.

Here is a blog entry someone wrote about him. It’s a pretty good portrait of what he was like in his later years, when the author of the entry knew him:

A Dollar in the Jar: Tribute to Leonard Bishop, by K. P. Kollenborn

The Memorial Service

Here is his obituary. Here is a Microsoft Word version of it.

Here is the bulletin of his memorial service at the Living Word Church. Dad had requested "something Jewish" at his service, so Michael Kaye (an old friend) said Kaddish in both Aramaic and English. This is the Special Prayer in the bulletin.

Here is the version of Psalm 139 used at the responsive reading during the service.


Here is a list of Dad’s books: