Steven’s and Brianna’s Wedding

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, our son Steven married Brianna Benedetto. This page shows their wedding.

You can click on the pictures to see bigger versions.

Here are pictures of them taking their wedding vows. In the first picture, they are stating their vows; each wrote his or her vow, and they were as beautiful as the kiss in the second picture. The third is a picture of their first dance as husband and wife; it was taken at the reception.

Picture of Steven and Brianna holding hands Picture of Steven and Brianna kissing Picture of Steven and Brianna dancing

Now for some family pictures. The leftmost one is Steven hugging his mother, Holly, at the reception. The next one is our children and Brianna (David, Heidi, Brianna, Steven, and Caroline); all are very happy. The third has Steven, Brianna, Caroline, and David; the gentleman behind them is Nick, a long-time family friend. Then comes a picture of Steven, Nick, Caroline, and David, thoroughly enjoying themselves. Our daughter Heidi’s family (her, and grandchildren Sage and Skyler, who was also a groomsman) round out the pictures here.

Picture of Steven hugging his mother, Holly Picture of our children and Brianna Picture of three of our children, Nick, and Brianna Picture of Steven, Nick, Caroline, and Brianna Picture of Heidi, Sage, and Skyler

The first picture below is of Caroline, me, and Holly; the next is Caroline, Heidi, and Holly. These were taken at the reception. The final one is of me on the landing of the place where the reception was held.

Picture of Caroline, me, and Holly Picture of Caroline, Heidi, and Holly Picture of me in my suit

Congratulations, Steven and Brianna! May you have a long and happy life together. As the old Irish toast goes, “May you live as long as you love, and love as long as you live.” And hail the Fuzz!