ECS 153, Introduction to Computer Security

Fall Quarter, 2000

Department of Computer Science, UC Davis

A message from the TA, Tom Walcott

To the Fall 2000 ECS 153 class:

Thank you. I stayed on an extra quarter longer than TAs usually do, because I enjoyed TAing 153 last year (for my first TA assignment, in fact). It's an unusual course, and it tends to demand that you as students do a considerable amount of adjusting; it's not like other classes in the CS department that I've come across, at least. It was extremely rewarding to see people learning new ideas, or coming up to ask questions on topics not immediately related to classwork. It suggests to me that you have an interest beyond the basic assignments, and that's a wonderful thing. I hope that as you go out and get jobs in industry or elsewhere, you find that this course was in some ways helpful. It's often hard to see it so immediately after a final, or even immediately after getting grades back. Ideally, the general concepts we talked about in the course will give you some insight into other problems outside of academia. In any case, I had a wonderful time working with all of you, and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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This course introduces the basic principles of computer security, focusing on system elements. Among the topics covered are access control and integrity, system analysis, security in programming, and network security.

Prerequisite: ECS 150, Operating Systems; or ECS 151AB

This contains the index to all handouts and notes for ECS 153, Fall Quarter 2000.

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