Slides for Classes

This page contains links to slides developed for classes in computer security taught using Computer Security: Art and Science. Please feel free to take what you can use, and leave (or change) the rest. If you have some slides you think others might like, and want to contribute them, please send them to me (at username bishop and hostname and I will put them here.

My Book Slides

These are my slides. Each set of slides is in two formats: a Powerpoint (PPT) file and a PDF file. The PDF file has one slide per page.

Chapter 1 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 8 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 15 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 22 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 29 [PDF] [PPT]
Chapter 2 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 9 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 16 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 23 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 30 [PDF] [PPT]
Chapter 3 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 10 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 17 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 24 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 31 [PDF] [PPT]
Chapter 4 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 11 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 18 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 25 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 32 [PDF] [PPT]
Chapter 5 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 12 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 19 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 26 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 33 [PDF] [PPT]
Chapter 6 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 13 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 20 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 27 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 34 [PDF] [PPT]
Chapter 7 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 14 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 21 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 28 [PDF] [PPT] Chapter 35 [PDF] [PPT]

Others' Book Slides

These are slides that others have made. Most are on different web pages than this, so follow the links. As I said, your slides too could be named here, and would help other faculty members!