ECS 153, Introduction to Computer Security

Fall Quarter, 1999

Department of Computer Science, UC Davis


Study of the principles, mechanisms and implementation of computer security and data protection. Policy, encryption and authentication, access control and integrity models and mechanisms; network security; secure systems; programming and vulnerabilities analysis. An existing operating system will be studied.
Prerequisites: ECS 150, or ECS 151A, ECS 151B

This contains the index to all handouts and notes for ECS 153, Fall Quarter 1999. The abbreviations FM, PDF, PS, and TXT stand for Framemaker, Adobe PDF, Postscript, and ASCII text respectively.

Our Reading List

This is a collection of books that Tom and Matt quoted from during discussions about computer security. There are lots of others, of course; these are just ones we liked.

Interesting and Fun Books [FM] [PDF] [PS] [TXT]

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